The GOpac portable heating solution*

The patented heating system is unlike any other technology on the market. The heater is self-contained, extremely portable and can be applied or integrated into almost anything that can benefit from a portable heat source.

The heater is air-activated and does not require a flame or power source.

Removable Heater Activation Label

Packging Film Layer

Air Diffuser/Waterproof Layer

Exothermix® Heater

Packaging Film Layer


How does the heater work?


The heater comes in a self-contained package and can be easily activated by simply removing a seal on the outside of the package, and exposing the heater to air. This releases energy in the form of heat created from a controlled reaction. The heater can be precision-tuned to safely activate in 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the size, weight and desired temperature of the product to be heated.




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